New Golf Headcovers

New Golf Headcovers

Are you bursting with excitement for the release of the newest and latest headcovers for your new set of irons? No, of course you're not - iron headcovers are probably the worst idea to ever enter the sport of golf. But putter, fairway woods, and driver headcovers, well, now we're talking.

One of the most exciting aspects of the game these days for golfers is the increasing amount of product lines of new golf gear, and even more exciting than that is the amount of custom lines being produced that compliment the new equipment to make it that much better. So, sorry to say this, but you no longer have any excuses for the knitted socks you have sticking out of your bag that look like you just stuffed Pippi Longstocking head first into the bottom - it's time to drive her back to Villa Villekulla where she belongs.

What better way to rejoice in Pippi's return home than with a Florida golf trip while you're there? The sun, the palm trees, the perfect lies and all those birdies, and the naked clubs that now so desperately need some new coverings. And while you're picking out some new Limited Edition headcovers to commemorate your pilgrimage to a fresh look atop your bag, pick something up for Dad for Father's Day while you're at it - get him some four-leaf clover covers to show him how lucky you are to have him around so that you can win all his money on the course. He'll love that.

Ok, so although he may not love the sarcastic gesture in knowing he essentially paid for his own gift, he's certainly going to love the custom design, the tour quality material, and the positive mental space he'll be put into right before every shot after he smiles at how great his bag setup now looks.

And let's not forget the feeling you will both get every time someone asks, "Where'd you get those headcovers?" 







Here are our Top Suggestions:

1. Four Leaf Clover - Do you want to be lucky?

Available at, buy now for $59.99

2. Florida Feels - who doesn't want a ray of sunshine every time they pull their driver out?

Florida Feels Headcover

Available at, buy now for $59.99

3. Cali Vibe - Ever wonder if it was possible to purchase relaxation on the golf course? It is now.

Cali Vibe Headcover

Available at, buy now for $59.99


Now is a great time to take a moment to celebrate the launch of Pro-Shop Golf, a brand new online golf store that will be offering all kinds of custom and innovative gear that golfers normally have a difficult time finding anywhere else.

As an ardent golfer, I'm incredibly excited to offer this first blog post as a contributing writer for the founders of PSG, as it's clear their obsession with the game is at the level that us golfers expect from our sources for all of our golf product and content. As professional golfers themselves, their eye for quality product is keen and their connections throughout the industry keeps their fingers on the pulse of the game. And although my lips are sealed on what is soon to be released in the coming weeks and months - items that I personally cannot wait to get my hands on - my excitement is building in knowing that their vision will do more than make a big splash in the golf world, it'll definitely clear the water and hit the green.

In saying this, now is an even better time to send these guys your email to stay up to date on new product and posts so that you don't miss out on current and future items before they sell out.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say: what a time to be a golfer.

Let's go...

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