August Shoe Giveaway!

Introducing the Air Jordan 1 Mids! We're going with an all-time favorite of the entire Jordan collection, and one of the first pair of kicks MJ wore himself. We are really trying to give our followers what they want, so if you have a shoe you love and want made into a golf shoe, please give us a shout!

Take a look for yourself!



Now that we have you attention, here are the rules of the contest (May the most active man or lady win!):

1. The Contest will be taking place on our instagram, located here -> @pro_shopgolf

2. You must be following @pro_shopgolf.

3. Each user TAG will be worth a point!

4. Each email subscription is worth a point!

5. Each share on your story will be worth double - 2 points {don't forget to tag us}!

6. You can earn unlimited points, and they will be represented in the drawing!


We will be drawing the winner on August 31st, so earn as many points as you can for the best chance to win these sick, custom golf kicks!

Happy Hunting folks'!