Golfers’ Pet Peeves: #1 Searching for golf balls guy

Golfers’ Pet Peeves: #1 Searching for golf balls guy

We’re starting a new series of blogs to talk about all of our golfing pet peeves, because you know we all have at least one. We’ll be releasing many over the coming weeks and months, and although we’ve already come up with lots on our own, we want to hear from you on your golfing pet peeves, so send us an email or DM on social media, and we’ll credit yours in a future post and you’ll be entered into a draw to win an exclusive PSG product. Let’s go!


Week #1: Searching for Golf Balls Guy

Don’t. Just simply don’t be that guy. We all know who we’re talking about, we all know at least one of them; he’s the guy who spends $1000+ on golf clubs, even more on golfing attire in all forms, but still – still! – spends half his round in the bushes trying to stock up on golf balls. Loses one but finds five; boasts every time with his hands in the air, as he comes out of the bushes like a moose, about how many golf balls he just found: “Can you believe it?! A brand new Pro V!”

“Sorry, what? We can’t hear you because WE’RE ON THE GREEN AND YOU’RE 250 YARDS BEHIND US!”

So the answer is: Yes, yes we can believe you just found a Titleist – the #1 ball in golf – to go with your two Pinnacles, one Kirkland, and three Noodles. Golfers lose their golf balls in the bushes all the time – it’s a cost of playing (and of not practicing enough).

There is perhaps nothing more annoying on the golf course than having to wait for a playing partner while he adds to his garage full of egg cartons collection of golf balls, so don’t be that guy. If you know that guy, send him this post, tag him on social media, and let’s start the revolution of encouraging golfers everywhere to be prepared to look for your lost ball for the allotted time, but then to move on when you don’t find it and keep pace with the rest of us. That’s one short look for a man, one giant leap for, well, you get the idea.


Credit goes to @cameron88188

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