About Us

After meeting each other on a golf course in Scottsdale, Arizona, we instantly became friends - as golfers do. And if you’re like us at Pro Shop Golf, you also think about golf All. The. Time. You go to bed thinking about that Roy “Tin Cup” McAvoy 7-iron you hit to three feet on the 6th, or that Ty Webb putt you nananana’ed into the hole on the 18th to shoot your personal best. But you also send yourself to Dreamworld thinking about Koepka’s custom shoes. Let’s face it: you’re a golf addict. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. We’ve also been there - we are there.

As fellow addicts, who both compete and grind professionally, we’ve watched and played with all kinds of people over the years, from pros to weekenders, and we’ve noticed a trend: golf clothes, shoes, accessories, and style are adapting at a rapid pace to keep up with a new generation of golfers. We love this, and we couldn't help but want to play a small part in growing the game that we all can't get enough of, with quality and affordable specialty golf products.

Join us and our growing community of followers while we continue to expand our product lines over time, and let's all help grow the great game of golf together.


Much Love,